iCup 2016 Edition: the UEFA Euro Cup manager !

Matches schedule, groups data, second stage table and detailed information about scorers, events, statistics and formations of every match with an on-line update system that get real-time data during matches time.

Mobile version

Desktop version

Available for both mobile and desktop platforms in about 30 languages.

Latest news

7 june 2016
Version 1.1 available for all supported platforms.
AppStore (Mac and iOS) versions are under Apple review and will appears shortly into the store.
- added Norwegian and updated Bulgarian and Swedish languages
- added official team players and coaches
- added language selection at first launch
- small bug fix

8 march 2016
Linux version ready for download ;-)
Read installation details and notes for 64bit system here.

27 feb 2016
Version 1.0 for iOS and Desktop is ready to download ;-)
Linux version will be available soon.

12 jan 2016
All version of the app for 2016 UEFA are almost ready. Download links will appears shortly!

1 jan 2016
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